Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rocky Votolato be all braggin' and cussin'


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Secret Assistant to the Regional Mascot Jordan Sowards has been promoted to the new position of Semiregular Guest Blogger while also maintaining his previous title. Please take a moment to congratulate him on this achievement. We look forward to seeing all his future work.

From the Desk of Jordan Sowards, RB Semiregular Guest Blogger

I was introduced to Rocky Votolato with last year's most excellent Makers, and I loved it immediately and completely. This was unexpected, because Makers was sort of a throwback to a time when my musical palate was dominated by acoustic guitar-wielding singer-songwriters, and I just don't really listen to that sort of stuff very much anymore. That's why I have to give crazy mad propz to the guy for even getting my attention.

Rocky Votolato's new album, The Brag & Cuss came out Tuesday. It's a fuller, more band-oriented record, and like Makers it's fraught with lovely, country-tinged pop elegance. The Brag & Cuss didn't knock my socks off right away like Makers did, but I very much look forward to loving the crap out of it in the near future. And hopefully somebody will book this guy at Bottletree, yo.

From The Brag & Cuss
Rocky Votolato - Whiskey Straight
Rocky Votolato - The Wrong Side of Reno

From Makers
Rocky Votolato - White Daisy Passing


Anonymous bistrami said...

been addicted to the song SILVER TREES for a solid month now. can't go a single day without hearing it at least twice.

8:40 AM  

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