Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Blonde reclaims her throne with Ray's Vast Basement!

Move over, would-be usurpers, both of you! It is I, the original Blondehead, who has come to reclaim my mighty throne of vapidity and musical snarkiness.

PS--That wig was not flattering on EITHER OF YOU. I MEAN LIKE NOT AT ALL.

Ahem... Helloooo everyone! I am back, and I brought Ray's Vast Basement along with me. Thanks to Jon Polk at Team Clermont for sending me a copy of Ray's Vast Basement's new album, Starvation Under Orange Trees. On first listen I thought this record was "weird," and after listening through I put it away, but something kept me coming back to it.

These songs have a comfortable warmth to them, but ever-present, too, is a dark and ominous narrative undercurrent. Most of the tracks have a literary quality to them and are very much lyric-driven, and singer Jon Bernson's lazy vocals carry the lyrics well. All of this makes sense after reading a label on the record sleeve that says the songs were written for a San Francisco stage production of Of Mice and Men. Perfect, perfect, and I'm sure the songs were a wonderful accompaniment to a modern production of one of Steinbeck's most well known works.

From Starvation Under Orange Trees:

Black Cotton
Tall Bob Smoke

...and my personal favorite:

Work Song

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Blogger Nathan said...

I know that Jon guy.

5:42 PM  
Blogger Traci said...

Is someone feeling a little threatened? You'll always be our favorite blondehead, Leahtard!

9:44 PM  

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