Friday, April 27, 2007

my (Levon Helm-heavy) Band mixtape

Yesterday I hurriedly made a mix of songs by The Band for a friend. Said friend likes Levon Helm, so naturally I made a mix where Leeeeeeevon figures prominently into the songs. Thought I would share the mix with you guys--both for those of you who love The Band (who wouldn't?!) and for those of you who need a good introduction to songs by The Band. It's early release-heavy, but we all know that the newer a release is, the worse it is for these guys. So, enjoy! All the songs should be pretty easy to find on iTunes, etc.

The Band - Levon

1. "The Stones I Throw (Will Free All Men)" - Levon and the Hawks (A Musical History)
2. "Go Go Liza Jane" - Levon and the Hawks (A Musical History)
3. "We Can Talk" - The Band (Music from Big Pink)
4. "Chest Fever" - The Band (Music from Big Pink)
5. "Katie's Been Gone" (Outtake) - The Band (Music from Big Pink)
6. "Keys to the Highway" (Outtake) - The Band (Music from Big Pink)
7. "(I Dont Want To Hang Up My) Rock 'N' Roll Shoes (Live 12/28-12/31/71, The Academy Of Music, NYC)" - The Band (A Musical History)
8. "Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos" -The Band (A Musical History, The Basement Tapes)
9. "Baby Lou" - The Band - (A Musical History)
10. "Bessie Smith" - The Band - (A Musical History, The Basement Tapes)
11. "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" - The Band (The Band)
12. "Up on Cripple Creek" - The Band (The Band)
13. "Jemima Surrender" - The Band (The Band)
14. "Rockin' Chair" - The Band (The Band)
15. "Ophelia" - The Band (I used the version from The Last Waltz, which I think is better than the version on Northern Lights - Southern Cross
16. "The Weight" - The Band (again, I used the Last Waltz version.
17. "Strawberry Wine" - The Band (Stage Fright)
18. "The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show" - The Band (Stage Fright)
19. "Daniel and the Sacred Harp" - The Band (Stage Fright)
20. "When I Paint my Masterpiece" - The Band (Cahoots)
21. "The River Hymn" - The Band (Cahoots)


Blogger Justin said...

That's one hell of a Levon mixtape. You truly know the way to my Band-loving heart.

7:48 PM  
Anonymous JPS said...

Hey Leah: from a fan's perspective, that's a great collection. I think your formula (the later in the career, the weaker the music) holds true with a couple of notable exceptions -- especially "It Makes No Difference" from Northern Lights - Southern Cross. I think that's the best vocal of Danko's career, and as strong as many of the songs on the first two albums.

I can't watch The Last Waltz because Robbie is such an arrogant douchebag, and it's so hard to watch Richard coming unravelled -- knowing where it is all heading.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Leah said...

yes, that is also one of my favorites. I own NL-SC for that song and "Ophelia," although the version of "Ophelia" on The Last Waltz is far superior. (Danko's masterpiece is really good on there as well.)

5:19 PM  

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