Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Zydeco, 6.12.07

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club arrived in Birmingham Tuesday from their previous tour stop of Orlando ready to unleash their brand of dirty, bluesy rock. It was my first time to see the band live and I wasn't disappointed. Their songs practically slither into your ear and you leave feeling slightly violated but thoroughly seduced.

The venue is known for being a big basstrap but that's not so bad in my mind because I'm a sucker for big bass sounds. Good thing because we were standing right next to a speaker while taking photos. I thought we might leave the show deaf from the RAWK and blind from the monstrous strobes pulsating on stage. But earplugs and one of the band members requesting the strobes be turned off because he was getting shocked saved our two most important senses.

The crowd seemed really into it, especially the middle-aged man in front of me who danced through the whole show and the young guy front and center who kept time by stomping his boot-clad foot on the stage. And it was a foot-stomping show...definitely one worth catching if the band visits your neck of the woods.

The next stop for the BRMC tour is Houston, check out Houston Waiting in a few days for a writeup.

A few more photos...

And more at Flickr.

BRMC Tourzine


Blogger shawn avery said...

awesome. i'm glad somebody took pics. i came VERY CLOSE to going to this show... but somehow, the idea of them playing zydeco and not the nick, was too much of a turn off. they were amazing when they played here in the fall of 2001. it was my first show at the nick... the night goerge harrison died.

i've heard their new cd is good.

i hope so... i used their previous cd as an excellent kitty poo shovel.


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