Sunday, October 01, 2006

very sad news, re: Wilco

It has come down the grapevine that Wilco's Jeff Tweedy lost his mother, Jo Ann Tweedy, last night. No details have been released yet about the reason for her death.

Friends of the family have suggested that this is all the more a devastating loss because of the closeness of the family. Our hearts are heavy for the Tweedy family because of the loss they have sustained. Please send good vibes (or prayers, if you will) their way.

One song immediately came to mind when I heard the news this morning, one Tweedy recorded with Golden Smog for Weird Tales: Please Tell my Brother.

For those of you wondering, Jeff's wife, Sue, has commented that Wilco will not be canceling the tour because his mother would have wanted him to play.

Head over to Via Chicago to leave comments for Jeff and his family!


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