Monday, September 18, 2006

Soundtrack for a Rainy Monday

Today is a quieter, more introspective day at Red Blondehead headquarters, so the musical selections will follow accordingly. I've been sitting on all of this stuff for quite a while and didn't have time to post it.

A few songs from the leaked Album Leaf, Into the Blue Again...

The Album Leaf - Always for You
The Album Leaf - Shine
The Album Leaf - Writings on the Wall

I like The Album Leaf, but I have a hard time listening to a complete album in one sitting. I prefer to mix the songs into a more varied playlist so I can appreciate each song individually because I start to space out after about 4 songs. However, Leah likes to listen to the whole CD until she's in an Album Leaf trance.

Get Lonely with a few tracks from The Mountain Goats latest release:

The Mountain Goats - Half Dead
The Mountain Goats - Moon Over Goldsboro
The Mountain Goats - New Monster Avenue

Pinback released a collection of B-sides and rarities called Nautical Antiques a few weeks ago.

Pinback - Avignon (full band version)
Pinback - Verailles
Pinback - Byzantine


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