Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bottletree poddlecast #1

Hello faithful Red Blondehead readers.

After much frustration, careful consideration, and considerable weeping and gnashing of teeth, we have decided to let you hear our post-dated inaugural podcast, recorded with Brian Teasley of Bottletree by our favorite sound engineer Nick Punch, to promote upcoming shows. Nick mentioned after his final edit last week,"Listening back reminded me of how much I'm looking forward to the upcoming soul show, Shellac, Duquette, etc... Man, August is gonna be an incredible month of music." haha. It pretty much was--sorry you guys didn't get to hear some of these lovely bands on the WWWINFORMATIONSUPERHIGHWAY earlier.

The bands on this podcast include

Roscoe Robinson
Ralph Jackson
The Broadneck
Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett)
Duquette Johnston
New Amsterdams
Hope for agoldensummer
The Evangelicals
Nowhere Squares
The Ackleys (replaced on Sunday night's bill by Gainer)
Smoking Popes

PLEASE NOTE: If possible, please download this instead of streaming it from our server--it's a very big file! Please love us, for we cannot amend the silliness of our ways.

leah & traci


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Super great. Thank you!!!

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