Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Wrens in the 'Ham

Good morning, lovely readers.

We write today to celebrate (and shill) the second show that Red Blondehead will be sponsoring: the Wrens, who are playing at Bottletree in Birmingham next Sunday, Sept. 24. Please add the date to your calendar and be sure to come out. They are playing with Cities and Barton Carroll of Crooked Fingers, so it should be a lot of fun!

We've got included for you a youtube video and a few songs from 1996's Secaucus and their critically celebrated 2003 release, The Meadowlands, which was seven years in the making. Those of you hearing the Wrens for the first time are lucky since you've got years of back catalogues and cool b-sides to go through. The rest of us can sit around and grumpily wait for the next Wrens record, hoping it's NOT seven years until we get to hear it.

If you're in Birmingham--support the Wrens, Bottletree, and your local music ladies and come out for the show!

This is the Wrens video for "Everyone Choose Sides"

Surprise, Honeycomb from Secaucus
13 Months in 6 Minutes from The Meadowlands
This Boy is Exhausted from The Meadowlands


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