Friday, September 29, 2006

Bill Frisell / Jack DeJohnette


We're proud to spread the news that jazz legends Bill Frisell and Jack DeJohnette will be visiting the fair city of Birmingham October 12th. These fellas are touring along with Jerome Harris in support of the 2006 DeJohnette-featuring-Frisell release The Elephant Sleeps but Still Remembers on Kindred Rhythm. It's a pretty far removal from the other shows that have visited Bottletree, although moreseo in prestige than in genre (tell me that this show will be any more "out there" than that Arthur Doyle show earlier this month and I'll tell you you're lying). These are top names in the jazz/experimental genre, and B'ham people should attend the show if just to get they culture on.

Check these tracks out, but only if you have patience. I am particularly digging "Ode to South Africa," but I think you'll miss it if you don't hang on until the end.

Listen to the others, too, and if you're in the Birmingham area do NOT forget to pick up your tickets for the show early. This show WILL sell out.

The Elephant Sleeps but Still Remembers (DeJohnette feat. Frisell)
Ode to South Africa (DeJohnette feat. Frisell)
After the Rain (Frisell)

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