Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Where've we been! Well maybe "where have YOU been?" is a better question. Hmmm? Yeahhhhh.

Well we're right HERE. And here's some new to newish stuff that is worth a listen. We can't stop, anyway.

Cemetery Row 14 from The Minus 5's 2006 release The Gun Album. This track features Colin Meloy of *yawn* The Decemberists. Funny, the only time I can stomach the guy is when he's singing a song written by Scott McCaughey.

Portrait in Clouds from the recent Wooden Wand release, Second Attention. This is a great record to check out in its entirety.

Tropicana and Kennedy from Ratatat's infectious Classics.

Finally, a track from The Curtains' new record Calamity, which will be released next Tuesday on Asthmatic Kitty. Deerhoof fans will of course be in love with this one: Go Lucky.

Till next time, friends, till next time.


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