Friday, March 24, 2006

Phoenix's New Single

Phoenix is a French band that gained popularity after Sofia Coppola included them on the soundtrack to Lost in Translation. This is only appropriate, for many of their songs sound like they were written with the purpose of being included in a movie or Target commercial. (That shouldn't be read as an insult, I loves me some Target and their commercials.) Their sound is a mix of 80's dancepop, classic R&B, and rock. For all you Air fans, Phoenix's singer Thomas Mars sang on Air's "Playground Love."

French + 80's pop + sounds like Target commercial + Air connection = Phoenix = Me likey

"Long Distance Call" is the first single from It's Never Been Like That, which has a May release date. This song has rapidly grown on me after a few listens. At first the repetition of "It's never been like that" in the chorus bugged me a little but now I like it. Especially when Mars sings "NO!" after repeating it 8 times.

Phoenix - Long Distance Call

And just for good measure, a song from their last album Alphabetical. "Everything is Everything" is one of my favorite catchy pop songs.
Phoenix - Everything is Everything


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