Sunday, March 12, 2006

Josh Rouse

I remember when Josh Rouse's Nashville came out last year, and I remember not listening to it despite all the praise it received from critics and friends. The song "Directions" that Cameron Crowe used in Vanilla Sky was pretty good for a slightly up-tempo pop song, although I am not inclined to listen to it very often.

I've now wandered through Rouse's 3.21 release Subtitulo; it came in a box full of promos as one of only two bands whose names I actually recgonized. As it was playing, I kinda forgot it was playing, which I guess means that Crowe and Nancy Wilson were perceptive in thinking his songs make for good movie music. I'm not sure this is a good thing for me, as I'm not making movies anytime soon.

I read somewhere that Rouse has proclaimed that after this record he will make a rock record. I say he shoulda gone and done that this time, but that's just me. You can decide for yourself. Here is the first single from the record, "Quiet Town," along with "Jersey Clowns," which sounds like a pleasant song I've heard before. Can't remember which.

Josh Rouse - Quiet Town
Josh Rouse - Jersey Clowns


Blogger Leah said...

y'know, the more i listen to "jersey clowns" the more i like it. to me it doesn't sound like spring, though.

i'm replying to my own post--how pathetic is that?!

6:24 AM  

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