Wednesday, February 22, 2006

whoop that trick, mahyinn

If you haven't yet, check out Hustle & Flow, mahyinn...

...then, check this shit out! This is Man Man, whose new record, Six Demon Bag, was released this Tuesday on Ace Fu. It kinda reminds me of a musical burlesque; it's pretty freaking weird but entertaining, nonetheless. It's definitely influenced by Tom Waits, and the singer's voice reminds me of Isaac Brock's at times.

Whatever you decide, I think we can all agree that these guys will not be on critcs' 2006 best-of lists alongside this year's safe, tepid, non-moving indie rock records. *coughjennylewiscough* ahem... bit of a cold there--seems to be going around.

For you: "Feathers," "Ice Dogs," and just for fun, "Young Einstein on the Beach." The last one I just cannot stop laughing uncontrollably at. aaaahhhahahahahahahaha!!!!! help. me.

Man Man - Feathers
Man Man - Ice Dogs
Man Man - Young Einstein on the Beach


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