Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rawkin' like Nashville, Hailing from Detroit

I love Bloodshot Records honky-tonk. In fact, those are the words that come to mind when I see a Bloodshot artist's record: honky tonk. Next month, my heros at Bloodshot will re-release the supurb, Stones-circa-Exile-on-Main-Street-tinged Starving Winter Report, recorded by the Detroit-based Deadstring Brothers. Hopefully these fellas (and gal) will find themselves a bigger audience this go-round. Here are two songs from the upcoming record, the first of which is exactly what it looks like: a cover of Robbie Robertson's "Get Up Jake," originally performed by The Band (*swoon*).

Deadstring Brothers - Get Up Jake
Deadstring Brothers - Starving Winter Report

And since I had to go and mention The Band I have to go and post a previously unreleased track from A Musical History that I just cannot get out of my head. Here's their cover of Jimmy Drew's "Baby Lou":

The Band - Baby Lou

FINALLY, the only track worth listening to off alt-country darling Rhett Miller's upcoming solo release is a lovely song on which he is accompanied by piano player and sultry chanteuse Rachael Yamagata. Here's that one, a gem among some pretty ugly rocks, poorly figuratively speaking.

Rhett Miller with Rachael Yamagata - Fireflies


Blogger kustuck said...

"never say you'll never leave because you never know until you try" nice. i'm all about those lyrics. and rachel's voice is fabulous. you know, on a completely unrelated note, they have no fireflies in northern california....

10:32 PM  
Blogger kustuck said...

oooh, leah, i like babylou, too! i'd like to sit in a bar back home in kansas city and listen to this...stuff that sounds good live!

10:57 PM  
Blogger leveer said...

We've got an interview with these charmers going up on Friday at ol TMT! HURRAY!

4:06 AM  

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