Monday, February 13, 2006

My Morning Band of Horses

Band of Horses toured with Iron & Wine in April '04, and as concertgoers stuffed themselves into our small local venue to spy Sam Beam's glorious beard, the venue staff quipped that "Band of Horses is working on their sound, and you can take that however you want." That's because Band of Horses sucked pretty hard, and most of us couldn't wait for them to get their scrawny asses offstage. Yeesh.

Turns out, though, their April '06 release Everything All the Time is gonna rock in an 80s hair band / My Morning Jacket kind of way. The lead singer does a pretty mean Jim James impression, and if MMJ can't outdo Z for future releases, we might petition to send this guy in as James' replacement.

Anyway, here's a few tracks off that upcoming release. Let us know what you think. 'Preesh.

Band of Horses - I Go to the Barn Because I Like The
Band of Horses - The Funeral


Blogger kustuck said...

i like the lyrics to the barn song, but it's making me tired listening to it....

10:52 PM  

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