Sunday, February 19, 2006

What do prog-rock and grocery muzak have in common? Jim O'Rourke!

Supergroup Loose Fur--consisting of Jim "I ruin records" O'Rourke and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Glenn Kotche--released their self-titled EP in 2002 to a mixed bag of critical reviews. It had the dissonant, noisy freakout "So Long" but was concluded by "Chinese Apple," which was by all accounts absolutely beautiful. Man, I still love both those songs.

Well now them boys're back with the not so wittily titled Born Again in the USA, and this record is much more even, if less appealing. Prog rock roots abound in addition to the piano ballad bookends that plagued much of Wilco's A Ghost is Born. Yeah, thanks, O'Rourke. Man, that guy.... he works fine in the background as a producer (read: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and maybe somahdat Sonic Youth stuff) but has a tendency to infuse a lot of his music with this weird, 80s grocery store muzak vibe that I have a hard time warming up to. Icky.

Said vibe is not pervasive enough on this record to ruin the songs, but it lingers a bit. See for yourself, why doncha? Here's "The Ruling Class," which Tweedy and his drummer Kotche (*swoon*) have been playing at a few solo show, and "An Ecumenical Matter," a mellow instrumental jam stuffed in the middle of the record:

Loose Fur - The Ruling Class
Loose Fur - An Ecumenical Matter

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No comments about the vampire transexual S&M plushie? What's wrong with you people?!

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Damn bastard is guarding the Pepsi!

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