Sunday, February 26, 2006

samecore sadcore

If I've got the rumor right, Trespassers William is one of those bands that caught on because of strategic placement on The O.C. and other such shows. As much as I'd like to, I suppose I can't fault them for that; after the airing of these shows, the re-release of Different Stars put them on a lot of "favorites" fan lists. Rightly so; "Lie in the Sound" is one of the most beautiful slowcore, prom theme-sounding songs since Mazzy Star's "Fade into You" with its pretty melody, haunting female vocals, and gently undulating guitar.

It was the perfect song for that moment on Smallville where Clark and Lana are in love but there's conflict 'cause she's so pissed off about all the secrets he keeps from her even though he saves her life in almost every episode. You know, they're slow dancing in Clark's barn bedroom while "Lie in the Sound" plays softly in the background but then all of a sudden Lana goes mega-bitch and storms out while the music grows louder and Clark gets this painful look on his face as he watches her go. Yeah, Trespassers William is perfect for moments like that.

And, they've got a new record coming out this Tuesday called Having. It's the same slowcore, Elliot Smith-on-depressants sound; in fact, a lot of these songs could've fit on Different Stars and nobody would've said anything. Maybe the bass is cranked up a bit more, and hooks are more difficult to find; overall though, same ole, same ole.

I'm digging the artwork, though. check it:

Trespassers William - What of Me
Tresspassers William - I Don't Mind

How does Trespassers William compare to other slit-your-wrists bands like Red House Painters and Cocteau Twins?


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