Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Mmmm's....

I know little about the M's; what I do know: they hail from Chicago, they have toured with Wilco, this is their second CD ever, and they rock. They rock in the kind of way that makes girls underpants mysteriously fly off.

Although I have been reprimanded for saying it, I'll say it again: these guys sound like the Strokes should sound by now; that is, how the Strokes would sound if they hadn't become self-infatuated and stale. Yeah, stale. Give me Future Women over any retro rock record those puny tight-legged jeans boys have ever recorded. Or even thought about recording, for that matter.

This record has been out a week and a half, but here's to making sure you discover this band early on. Cheers for fuzzy, Brit-tinged, vintage-sounding rock 'n roll. I'm sold.

The M's - Plan of the Man
The M's - Shawnee Dupree
The M's - My Gun


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