Thursday, September 06, 2007

more love for Akron/Family

I have championed freak-folk rocksters Akron/Family so much around friends and family that most folks hold their breath or roll their eyes whenever the words "Akron" and "Family" come out of my mouth in close proximity to each other.

Like I care. People, when I champion bands, I champion them for a reason. Because this band is Gary Oldmanin' AMAZING. Their upcoming release, Love is Simple, both improves upon things they've been doing and showcases them diverging from the path they've been traveling.

The abrupt, mid-song changes (from slow- or mid-tempo to fast, soft and pretty to raucous and weird, raucous and weird to laid-back and country) that characterized, nay, helped to define their first, self-titled album is still present, but the transitions on Love is Simple are smoother.

Although the warm sounds/moods we've become accustomed to are still present, the band's style changes quite a bit on this record. It's more primitive and more communal; they added some additional musicians to what sounds like a big, sometimes jam-bandish party.

Luckily for those of us in Alabama, these fellas will be returning to Birmingham to play their second show in Alabama. It's been two years since their last performance, and nobody has been anticipating a return performance more than I. If you're in town next Thursday, September 13, come out to Bottletree to catch the show.

Oh, and menfolk, be sure to grow out your beards!

Ed is a Portal
I've Got Some Friends

Buy the new record in all its hippie glory here


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