Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Josh Ritter

This is the blog entry where I stand up on my soapbox and proclaim my love for Josh Ritter. I think he's the king of Americana right now, to be rivaled only by the formidable Brooklyn songsters Hem. But this blog is about how much I love Josh Ritter. Right. To this day, I can't tire of 2004's The Golden Age of Radio, and Hello Starling's "Kathleen" is enough to make any girl weak-kneed. Show me a woman who isn't wooed by that song and I'll show you a woman with a heart of stone who is insusceptible to flattery:

"All the other girls here are stars
You are the northern lights
They try to shine in through your curtain
You're too close and too bright...

And I won't be your last dance
Just your last goodnight
Every heart is a package
Tangled up in knots someone else tied...

I'll be the one
To drive you back home, Kathleen"


It was hard to pull myself away from "Other Side" and "Harrisburg," but I finally left them alone long enough to listen to The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter. Hyperbolic title? Maybe. I mean, most definitely, and for the best Ritter album it's got some stiff competition, but it's worthy in its own right as a more straight-up rock record than his previous efforts. And once again, I'm smitten.

Here's a few favorites from the new record:
The Temptation of Adam, a more folky and traditional sound for Ritter. Yum. I dig the horn intro.

Rumors, I think this one has gotten the most attention of all the songs on the new record, and rightly so. I love the lines "And the string section's screamin' like horses in a barn burning up" and "Can't seem to forget you 'cause the music isn't loud enough."

Real Long Distance, a fun rocker tune with pounding keys and skronky horns.

You can, of course, pick up the record at all your favorite record stores and my favorite, the insanely cheap Do yourself a favor and check out the other albums mentioned, too. It's love at first sight for folkies.

Oh, and:

That's what happens when you ask Mister Ritter to "smile stupid" with you.



Blogger Bruce said...

Amen. Josh is the man. And he's made the best album of his career so far. Great blog, BTW.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Mack said...

That picture is so cool! I think I love your t-shirt, too, though I can't make out every word.

Did you know Josh is coming to WorkPlay in Birmingham on Halloween? I'm really looking forward to it.


2:32 PM  
Blogger Leah said...

thanks, guys!

mack, the t-shirt says "shakespeare hates your emo poems". :)

12:21 PM  
Anonymous fo said...

Dig the little heart of love floating around you two.

10:37 PM  
Anonymous dw_moto said...

I went to high school with Josh. He's a really nice guy. I started listening to his music recently. One of those "support-the-home-town-boy things." But I have to admit I'm becoming a fan. I love his lyrics. The cultural refrences remind me of the way he spoke and his intelligence. I remember being in tech club with him (yeah, he was a nerd) and constantly being in his shadow. No matter what he tried, he always did it well. 15 years later and he's still blowing everyone out of the water.

3:53 AM  

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