Friday, August 17, 2007

A Night Drive with a Healer after a Dark Day In the City

I have no clue how I discovered Chromatics. Some days I download every mp3 I come across on ye olde internete, then I don't listen to them for a few days and I don't remember the origin of the file. But anyways, I downloaded "Night Drive" and dug it, so that led to a search for more from the band. This is dark, sexy music with haunting female vocals, string sections, and drumpads.

Chromatics - Night Drive
Chromatics - Dark Day
Chromatics - Healer
Chromatics - In the City

Chromatics myspace
Chromatics blog


Anonymous Doctor G said...

I Dig..

10:54 PM  
Anonymous coolic said...

me too

3:18 AM  

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