Monday, June 25, 2007

Crack is whack, y'all.

Dear Crackheads who climbed up on the office roof to steal copper from the air conditioner so that we have no air conditioning in our office on this hot Alabama summer's day...yet you only made off with 10 dollars worth of the stuff,

Thanks so much for converting our office into a sauna...and you did it for only $10! While I'm enjoying sweating out impurities in a dark office, you're probably down at Shop-a-Crack haggling with your dealer for a discount on a rock suitable in size for Tinkerbell if she were strung-out on crack instead of pixie dust. So thanks again for your generosity.


p.s. Tomorrow I'm bringing a kiddie pool to sit in so there will be even more steam! You might want to consider installing one during your next office-to-sauna conversion.

Irving - the longest day in the afternoon


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