Friday, August 31, 2007

Side Project Friday

Lately I've been listening to Memphis and The Whitest Boy Alive, side projects of a couple of my favorite bands, Stars and Kings of Convenience respectively. Torq (Stars) and Erlend Øye (KoC) both have distinctive voices that I really enjoy...they're definitely in my favorite male singers pile.

Here's a couple of songs from A Little Place in the Wilderness.
Memphis - Incredibly Drunk On Whiskey
Memphis - I'll Do Whatever You Want

Leah and I were shopping in the SCAD store in Atlanta earlier this month when I heard a familiar voice over the sound system. The music sounded like Kings of Convenience mixed with dancepop, so I asked the shopgirl if it was a remix of a KoC song. "No, it's Erlend Øye...The Whitest Boy Alive." I never checked out this band when Dreams came out last year, but I'm digging the crap out of it now.

The Whitest Boy Alive - Fireworks
The Whitest Boy Alive - Don't Give Up
The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning

Have a fun Labor Day weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just looking through your archives. thanks for Whitest Boy Alive!

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