Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Irving +/- Be Your Own PET

Tomorrow night Be Your Own PET will be playing Bottletree with Irving, +/-, and Awesome Color. I've considered posting mp3's of Irving and +/- before but I've never gotten around to it so it seems like a good time. And speaking of good times, this should be a fun show...4 bands equals more bang for your buck plus I've heard Be Your Own PET puts on an entertaining set. People are throwing around the "star" word when talking of singer Jemina Pearl, so you might want to catch her now before she's selling out much bigger venues and starting her own clothing label.

Irving - Jen Nothing Matters to Me
Irving - Situation
Irving - Turn of the Century

+/- (Plus/Minus) - Fadeout
+/- (Plus/Minus) - Steal the Blueprints

Be Your Own PET - Adventure
Be Your Own PET - Bicycle Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle


Blogger aikin said...

Hope you get to see Be Your own Pet. They played Miami over the weekend (one of the very few rock shows we get). I was going to go, but was down with the worse cold I've had in years!
That sucked!

9:09 PM  

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