Friday, June 02, 2006


The first time I heard Lansing-Dreiden was on the Urban Outfitters/Filter Mag Hurricane Katrina benefit comp CD. The song included, "First Response," was so full of synth and general New Order-ness that it prompted a friend to say that it wasn't new wave revival, instead it was a result of the band jumping in their time machine to journey to the early 80's to record the song, then putting it in a time capsule to be unleashed upon the world in 2005. And that may very well be possible given the "mysterious" nature and general anonymity of Lansing-Dreiden.

This New York-based collective works in a variety of medias: music, visual art, installation, and print and they issued the following artist statement: "Lansing-Dreiden is a company that sees no distinction between art and commerce - or anything else. Hence, the output of the organization may manifest itself in various forms, from video to music to product design to the construction of narratives. All Lansing-Dreiden projects are fragmentary, mere stones in a path whose end lies in a space where the very definition of 'path' paths." Well, alrighty then. Let's forget about the pretentious musings on where the path paths and listen to some music.

Here's 3 songs from the 2006 release A Dividing Line.

Lansing-Dreiden - A Line You Can Cross
Lansing-Dreiden - One For All
Lansing-Dreiden - Two Extremes

You can find 3 songs from The Incomplete Triangle at Epitonic.


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