Friday, June 09, 2006

2 for the price of 1! Sound Team and Grand National

Friday is two for one day! Two bands that I've really been enjoying lately: Sound Team and Grand National.

Sound Team is six-piece of musicians from Austin, Texas, where they formed in 2001. Sound Team released Movie Monster on 6/6/06. 6 musicians...6/6/06...happily the world didn't end so we can all enjoy this album for longer than a day. I can't stop listening to "Your Eyes Are Liars." At least my officemates haven't started complaining yet. I think they like it. When you buy the album on iTunes you get a Tunebook that includes a music video, other short videos, a short movie, photos, etc. etc.

Sound Team - Your Eyes Are Liars
Sound Team - Movie Monster
Sound Team - Handful of Billions
"Your Eyes Are Liars" video
Clip of the video for "Handful of Billions"

Grand National is churning out some guitar pop/rock that's sometimes dancey, sometimes introspective and I'm digging it. They're a Brit duo whose debut Kicking The National Habit was released in the UK and Europe in August 2004. It took two years for them to finally release it here in March. The band describes their sound in the following statement: "There's a duality to it. It's half-light. Melancholic. British people do that well."

Grand National - Drink to Moving On
Grand National - Talk Amongst Yourselves


Blogger f. said...

Sound Team is good stuff. Have you heard their earlier EP? I'm not sure which one to purchase first.

5:24 AM  
Blogger Lee Dale said...

Regarding Grand National: if you haven't heard it, I would also highly recommend Sasha's extended remix "Talk Amongst Yourselves". iTunes link

Also available on Sasha's Involver disc.

8:28 PM  

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