Sunday, January 14, 2007

Benjy Ferree

Traci and I hate to be late in discovering Benjy Ferree because now that we have found him, he is like candy for our ears. Not like nasty licorice or Mike 'n Ike candy but like good candy. Like uh... lemon drops and circus peanuts! Candy from Maple Grove Farms of Vermont! Yummy Pixie Sticks! ohhh, now that I'm started. Back to Benjy.

His record Leaving the Nest was released in August of 2006 on Domino Records. His catchiest song, "In the Countryside," reminds me of the Shins and the White Stripes. That might seem a bit odd, but it's delicious. See, taste!

In the Countryside

A few others:
A Little at a Time
The Desert

Pick up Leaving the Nest at, and if you're in the Birmingham area, come out to Bottletree Monday, January 15 to hear Benjy Ferree play with Lylas of Nashville and Brad Armstrong of 13ghosts. We'll be there with bells on!


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