Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Super sampler Tuesday!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we're posting several tracks by artists with recently released records. We got a loaded compliation from Force Field PR and are passing on the most interesting of those to you.

Matthew Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces) - Up the River
Chris Garneau - We Don't Try
Micah P. Hinson - Jackeyed
Metallic Falcons - Snakes and Tea
Benevento/Russo Duo - Echo Park
Nick Castro & the Young Elders - Winding Tree
Swan Lake (Dan Bejar, Spencer Krug, Carey Mercer) - All Fires
Bosque Brown - Tell Her

We've also included a few tracks from what will probably be our agreed-upon best pop record of the year, Writer's Block by Peter Bjorn and John.

The Chills

Okay that's it for now. You kids enjoy getting fat by a warm fire. Be aware the dangers of intaking high levels of irritating family members, turkey, alcohol, and football. We don't want to be bailing any of you out of the jailhouse.

Happy Turkey Day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word. The Duo rocks hard. If you like them, you should check out their fan forums. Definitely one of the kindest, chillest communities on the web. Thanks for spreading the Duo love!

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Richard Irwin said...

Leah, you should dye your hair black so you can become "Red Blackhead". That would have teh funnay.

11:54 PM  

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