Thursday, December 07, 2006

BottleTree podcast 7: the merry hanakwanzaachristmas edition

Hiya folksies!

Traci and Leah here! Red Blondehead's most recent podcast for BottleTree, podcast 7 for 12.7.06 - 12.23.06, is now available here for any of you who may be impatient. For those of you with an iTunes subscription, it should be up there later today.

Please listen and pick some shows to come out to; we'd love to see you at all of them!

Bands featured on this podcast:

AA Bondy
Duquette Johnston
Stone Jack Jones
Pearls and Brass
The Appleseed Cast
Red Harp
Pacific Stereo
Colour Revolt
The Ackleys
Teen Getaway

and new, exclusive tracks from:
Through the Sparks
Ferocious Bubbles

Thanks for listening. Oh, and--have a Merry Hanakwanzaachristmas!


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