Monday, July 17, 2006

Golden Smog

Does anybody in blogland love Gary Louris as much as I do? I doubt it. I've got Gary Louris posters all over my house, I set up surround-sound wiring throughout my house in order to pipe Jayhawks and Golden Smog music through my house at all times, and I sleep with a big cut-out of Gary Louris nightly.

Creepy? Yes. Remember what your momma told you about meeting people on the internet.

I listen to every Golden Smog record with glee, as Gary Louris/Jeff Tweedy duets are almost, almost too much vocal loveliness for me to handle. Another Fine Day, the supergroup's latest record debuting tomorrow, is thoroughly good, if not as wonderful as Weird Tales. There's a good mix of folky ballads and comparatively safe "experimental" elements, but there are a few straight-up pop songs as well. Here's a few tracks for you to peruse:

5.22.02, courtesy of Each Note Secure

Corvette, courtesy of Sixeyes

Visit the supergroup's myspace page to listen to a few others (my personal favorite is "Listen Joe," a Louris/Tweedy duet).

Here's the record for $11.98 at, a groovy site we caught wind of that lets you sell and buy CDs.


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