Friday, April 28, 2006

More tracks from The Avalanche

It's a known law of nature, if I don't keep up with my blog reading for a few days somebody will post something great. Case in point: Stereogum has posted two new songs from Sufjan's The Avalanche. Head over there to hear The Henney Buggy Band and Dear Mr. Supercomputer.

I prefer "Henney Buggy Band" to "Supercomputer" as the high-pitched "1,2,3,4,5,6,7...all computers go to heaven" in "Supercomputer" starts to annoy me a tad after a time. I felt the same way about the chanting of "I-L-L-I-N-O-I-S" in "They Are Night Zombies!" the first few times I heard it even though I love the rest of the song.

It's hard to believe that these songs are outtakes from Illinois. The man is certainly prolific, but unlike some other musicians (*coughryanadamscough*) it's all quality. Why didn't they release Illinois as a double CD from the beginning?


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