Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yesterday was my birthday so I took the day off work and Leah and I journeyed to Atlanta to check out the Graphic Noise concert poster exhibition and generally goof off. The exhibition had hundreds of posters from designers across the nation, and even a few from far-off parts like Australia and Belgium. So much good work that I just wanted to stealthily remove a few off the wall, hide them up inside my pant legs, and run out. But I refrained and bought a few from the gift shop instead.

I bought this:

And this:

And a few favorites:

After the exhibition, Leah and I headed to IKEA for our gig modeling the finest in watering can hat couture.
Image hosted by
Then on to Little Five Points where we perused record stores and vintage clothing. A good dinner and we were on the road back home.

More pictures of our IKEA photo shoot to come.


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[parishilton] that's hot! [/parishilton]

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