Friday, July 15, 2005

I saw Maria Taylor (from Azure Ray) with the Statistics and Taylor Hollingsworth last night with Blake. It was a great show and the Nick was pretty packed. It was my second time to see the Statistics, the first time to see Maria Taylor as a solo act, and the first time to see Taylor Hollingsworth. Taylor Hollingsworth looks like he is 14 years old, and he definitely doesn't look old enough to be drinking that PBR.

I bought 11:11, Maria's newest release...I've been listening to it all day. Really beautiful songs.

Now some mp3's!

Maria Taylor - Leap Year favorite from the album.

Maria Taylor - Speak Easy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't forget his 1940's waistline! :)

taylor, i'm gonna need to see some ID.

omaha, who'd a thunk it

12:17 AM  

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