Sunday, January 28, 2007


I read somewhere that Paleo, a.k.a. David Strackany, makes Ryan Adams look like a couch potato. Verily, I may in fact be plagiarizing the exact sentence. Sometime last spring, the man determined to write and record a song a day for a year, and write and record a song a day for a year he has (almost). “Easter to tax day,” he says on his website, which features hours and hours of recordings from different cities.

Paleo has the kind of rough vocals that recall Destroyer’s Daniel Bejar and a one-man band setup similar to that of Chad VanGaalen. Music fans of Birmingham will have the chance Monday night to find out for themselves. Please come out and support this touring wonder as well as Birmingham locals The Triceratops and Jon Black.

In the Morning Linda Dies
Occam's Razor


Anonymous Nathan said...

Ha! I was about to ask you for some Paleo MP3s.

7:11 PM  

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