Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Cautionary Tale

Well, several of the mp3s I posted last week were for a limited time only and now they are gone. I hope that you got while the getting was good.

I heard this beautiful song today by The Prayers & Tears Of Arthur Digby Sellers called "Lisa." I have been searching high and low for it, but to no avail. It is on a compilation CD that Esopus Magazine releases with each issue so I need to hunt down the next issue. The theme of the CD is "Imaginary Friends." I had an imaginary friend once. His name was Shananalanadally (or Shanana for short). We would pour Elmer's glue on each other's hands and let it dry so we could peel it off. Is there a more satisfying feeling than peeling glue off one's fingers? Other than popping bubble wrap, I think the answer is no. But Shanana's obsession with glue brought about his downfall when Elmer's glue just wasn't enough for him anymore and he moved on to stronger adhesives like Super Glue (who knows where he got it...sometimes he would leave me for a few days and wouldn't discuss where he had been. I always assumed it was to visit his imaginary parents, but now I suspect a darker motive). One day in Mrs. Matthews' first grade class, he poured the Super Glue all over his hands and arms and leaned against his imaginary desk. You can guess what happened next. I moved on to the second grade and Shananalanadally got left behind, forever leaning on his desk that is nailed to the floor with strong imaginary nails. He has served as a fine friend to little girls in Mrs. Matthews' class ever since.

Some Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers songs:
Concerning Lessons Learned from the Aliens
Cannot Eat Better Not Sleep
On the Occasion of a Departure


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